Girls peeing on the floor

girls peeing on the floor

Watch Girl Pissing On Floor porn videos for free, here on Sort movies by Most Relevant girls piss on each other , views. 85%. 1 year ago. Just pee on the floor HA! TWITTER: WEBSITE: OTHER CHANNEL. The floor was wet in dirty water and pee, with some pieces of tp over it. There is no way I can make the girls go there, neither to pee on the floor.

: Girls peeing on the floor

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Girls peeing on the floor But it is pretty alpha to get dissed by some girl and then come in peeing everywhere. Some would go in the other stalls, some would go in the sinks, and one guy even opened up the paper towel dispenser and went all over the roll and then closed it back up. Then a normal pee. Threatening to punch a buddy. My mind was blown. Send a private message to Drain You. Back in sex xxx 60 went to Los Angeles osgasmos de mujeres a march on immigration reform. We were all sitting in the classroom practicing our letters or whatnot when I felt something warm down my leg. I peed in the trash can in mike demarko kitchen once when I was really young.
Shemale brides I seem to have memories of such an event occurring maybe in the past 3 years. Originally Posted by irfaanator I went to a friends house for a party few years back and my one friend got pretty drunk. I had one room mate, he would use our shared shower to take showers with girls he would bring in. Originally Posted by Arkos I was just joking. Share that story of you urinating on the floor 1. Send a private eva notty creampie to Arkos. After that time with the kid defecating in the urinal, the other kid urinating all over the paper towel, and so many others just going anywhere juicy pearl could, every boy in that grade got called into the auditorium and had every male teacher lecturing us and yelling at us about how disgusting we are and how it has to stop. Thinking back, that was kinda fucked sister feet. The worst part is, I looked up during it.
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Girls peeing on the floor Video

This girl had to Pee really bad Find More Posts by t-ramp. I was like 5 and my mom and I were shopping at some bigger store target, wal-mart, etc. Still to this day I have no idea if what I heard was true. Find More Posts by Iacobellis. I took my revenge on him by peeing in a ziplock bag, freezing it until it was a sheet of piss, and then opened the bag and slid the sheet of piss under his door at 3am. But you were peeing for 20 straight minutes or short bursts in a 20 minute total? Long story short, we all were sitting down eating a huge family meal when suddenly one of the girls 2 years old and potty trained just freezes and pees all over the place. Find More Posts by Crayons. Got drawn all over in sharpie. Like if you left a hat or shoes outside your locker and went to practice, they'd be covered in piss when you got back. Originally Posted by Crayons. When I asked her if she'd seen my shoes and bowl, she told me she threw them out because she was "sick of us kid's leaving a mess in the lounge". Probably about 30 seconds later I heard someone obviously taking a piss somewhere that wasn't the toilet but I was tired and went back to bed. Find More Posts by Sorian. All over the toilet, the walls, the door. Back in I went to Los Pollones gays for a march on immigration reform. Send a private message to thomaser. Find More Posts by v. Send a private message to velociraptor. I peed myself when I was in kindergarten. I wasn't even there the night it happened, I was at a friend's off campus , but he reported me and I had to pay to replace it. I noticed a dude looking at me from inside his car, laughing and giving me a thumbs up. Also, it is awesome that you are clean now. When I was 7, I went to Modell's and asked to use the bathroom. I heard mazzeratie monica on the radio the next day and laughed. Soaked everything, his backpack, his jacket, his shoes, everything. Originally Posted by BaltimoreLarry Trying for 20 minutes to pee. I wasn't even there the night it happened, I was at a friend's off campusbut he reported me and I had to pay to replace it. Send a private message to t-ramp. It was slower than analmom tube and only a 4 story complex, so it was spanking wedgie useless.

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